Summer Songwriting Course

"Through demonstration and exploration of a range of song styles, you will discover how to break through limitations in your creativity. Techniques learned will assist you to understand and express yourself more effectively in your music. Additionally, you will develop an appreciation of the many sources of musical inspiration, learn to work collaboratively and will have the opportunity to take advantage of constructive critiques from your peers and instructor. In addition to songwriting techniques, you will learn how to save time and money in the recording studio; "network" with other songwriters; get your music played on the radio; receive funding/grants; and market your CD."


"This course really opened my mind to a simpler way of writing songs; a way that excites me and has me looking forward to further expanding my repertoire."
Michael Scarlett

"Gregg knows it! This course exceeded my expectations and made me want to write more. This week made my summer!"
Don Ablett

"I definitely came away with the skills and knowledge I need to improve my songwriting."
Pat Barr

"Highly contagious! - that's how I'd describe Gregg's method of enthusiastically simplifying the art of songwriting."
Tracey Green

"Very highly recommended! In addition to learning all about the structure of great songs, I wrote four of the best songs I've ever written!"
Mike Smith