Gregg produces a select number of professional quality recording projects for other recording artists. In addition to producing and arranging songs with a keen ear for melody and lyrics, Gregg lends his unique style of guitar playing (various acoustic and electric guitars, Dobro, slide guitar, and a slew of vintage Fender tube amplifiers) and harmony vocals. His stable of backing musicians have toured, performed, and recorded with the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, David Wilcox, K'naan, Nikki Yanofsky, Molly Johnson, Pete Townsend, kd lang and many more.


"... topped with strong singing and tight vocal harmonies…noted indie singer-songwriter Gregg Lawless's production gives the songs a radio friendly feel without going too far into MOR-dome. A very promising debut." (PENGUIN EGGS)

"Writing the perfect pop tune that puts across a message in under four minutes while keeping to the three-chord, verse-chorus-verse formula isn't as easy as it seems, and pulling it off without sounding like corporate schlock or AOR dreck is an even greater feat. The Complements never cross that line – their EP bristles with tight harmonies and solid accompaniment ... avoids the sappy clichés that bog down lesser breakup discs." (NOW MAGAZINE)

"... a radio-friendly folk-pop gem, complete with a catchy chorus that you will find yourself singing along to in the shower ... a slick combination of acoustic rhythms and 12-string electric guitars that instantly recall Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty ... definite gems, whether you base your criteria on songwriting or performing." (BEING THERE MAGAZINE)

"The Complements don't go for the sappy folk duo. Suzana's richly woven harmonies with Zarnett flow with the completely danceable "Something Like Happiness", and glimpses of a young Dylan are evident on "Just Another Sad Song" where Zarnett's vocals find solace. The songwriting also maintains center stage with catchy choruses and thoughtful insight." (SOUL SHINE MAGAZINE)

"...the listener is treated to a variety of styles that doesn't turn an album's worth of tracks into tired and standard singer-songwriter fare." (CDREVIEWS.COM)