Concert Reviews


... a musical celebration ... four seasoned roots musicians playing the acoustic instruments that have come to define the Canadian sound: 6- and 12-string guitars, mandolin, accordion, piano and bass ... a big, loose-spirited singalong with a real down-home feel!


... a Gregg Lawless concert has the relaxed feeling of talented friends having fun playing together ... every musician enjoys their moment in the spotlight ... has to be heard live to be appreciated!


... a high-energy performance with wide musical range and emotional depth.


... the concert is modeled after an East Coast kitchen party ... an intimate atmosphere and lots of opportunities for the audience to participate!


One of Lawless' best qualities as a performer is his sense of humour ... songs are delivered in a slightly different way than anyone is used to hearing them ... upbeat, well-written songs.


Gregg Lawless in Concert - Hugh's Room, Toronto - Outstanding!

We had ring-side seats for Gregg Lawless' Hugh's Room Concert. The place was packed (seriously packed) and the show was outstanding. The fact that early-morning people that we are, we stayed for both sets is a testament to Gregg's ability to root you in your seat.

Gregg mostly played songs from Something Beautiful although he threw in a a couple of faves from his previous releases, Wicked Little Buzz and Greggorian Chance, as well as two Elvis Presley tunes - done uniquely Lawless style.

When Gregg pulled out this "chopped" electric guitar and started wailing away, it showed us a completely different side to this versatile artist. He knows how to coax some sweet sounds from his instruments, and his slide playing was a treat.

It's not just that the music was good, or that Gregg's band is good, but for me, it's that Gregg has both a very dynamic and a very charismatic presentation style. (In my view, there are quite a few other, better known artists who could surely take a leaf out of Gregg's book.)

When he tells you which song he's about to perform, he tells a story about it, or about what led to its creation. Sounds pretty easy, right? But it's HOW he tells you about it. You feel that you've know Gregg forever, are among his circle of friends and you are darn glad he put you on his mailing list.

Gregg has a way of reaching out to people, and it's no darn wonder that people love to come out to hear him - judging by the large numbers of enthusiastic people (of ages from 20 to 70's and maybe older...) there last night.

While there may be a few in the folk scene who think Gregg's style is too edgy, too pop or rock influenced, personally - I think that his music appeals to a wide variety of people BECAUSE he refuses to stay "in the box". He is not afraid to work in whatever style suits his particular song of the moment. Gregg Lawless pushes the folk envelope, but what emerges is fresh and interesting.

Oh, and did I mention that we loved the show?